Valuable Diverse Staffing and Recruitment Services

Lavsun offers professionally advanced staffing solutions in the US for contract as well as permanent hiring. We are backed by an extremely talented human resources team who is proficient with the HR management system and an access to huge staffing resources that we have developed through our versatile experience. We have been serving our clients in different domains through the United States, such as communication, healthcare, state and federal government, and retail, etc.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing is an extremely cost-effective solution when it comes to hiring for a technological landscape that is in a state of constant flux. You can augment contract staff for reasons like to test the competency of the candidate, or get an assignment done with skilled workforce. Whatever could be the reason, our contract staffing services enables you to save your time and resources and yet accomplish the task by augmenting a skilled team.

Our enriched experience and vast IT network allows us to deliver fully screened and high-quality candidates ready for the interview process. Hiring a right candidate on contract ensures timely completion of the assigned project without any extra burden to the management. As contact staffing is not obligatory, you may also propose to absorb the candidate on full-time if you find the candidate competent to your ongoing projects.

On Demand Staffing / Contract to Hire Staffing

Diverse industries will have diverse staffing requirements that constantly varies with technologies, verticals and location. Lavsun brings years of experience in recruitment and staffing and has been successfully serving our clients with core preferences on contract -to-hire. Our wide resource pool that includes, and not limited to career testers, certified professionals, and technology specialists enables attending staffing requests even on a short notice.

The competitive market is unpredictable and therefore, it often results in industrial changes, creating a fluctuating demand for skilled resources. It equally redundants resources which is the result of unplanned ramp downs. Our approach of on-demand staffing caters the dynamic requirements of skilled resources, as and when arises. With our strong collaboration and partnership capabilities we can serve with the best customized employment solutions on par with your technical and organizational needs.

Permanent Staffing

Permanent staffing is a major task for any company as the process involves screening candidates’ applications and reaching out to them individually to understand their expectations in terms of the organization's requirement. Lavsun simplifies this process by finding the right candidate using our expertise resources. We even reach out to the passive talent that is not available on job boards and brings the star players who are of best value to your investment.

We understand that the technical market evolves continuously and the requirement for skilled workforce swiftly changes. Our extensive pool of qualified and suitable professionals are aware of the resources to pool out the best talent you need. Through our strong and effective network, we cater to various permanent staffing requirements and bring you the best talent which usually remains hidden.

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