LAVSUN is a Texas-based IT consulting and staffing industry dedicated to following the best techniques and offering high-quality services to clients in different domains throughout the United States, such as communication, healthcare, state and federal government, and retail, among many others.

With core values such as simplicity, innovation and competence, the key focus of our company lies in helping our clients grow in accordance with their business needs, even in a dynamic and increasingly competitive market. We work to build successful solutions for your business, based on cutting-edge technologies and after carefully taking into account your goals and needs. Because we are focused on our clients' success, our services are unique and highly customized.


Founded by a group of driven individuals with a motive to offer world-class IT service

LAVSUN helps clients in planning and execution of IT ventures by offering valuable solutions, thereby saving them a great deal of hassle, time and money. Our company is establishing its reputation for offering premium technical services that are a direct result of integrity and performance of our exceptional consultants.

We employ recruiters with a comprehensive grasp on technical knowledge, as well as expertise, dedication, strong market presence and extensive experience. In order to ensure their efficiency, LAVSUN trains its consultants on the most current software that is in high demand, both in the US and worldwide.


Our objective is to establish a genuine partnership based on your particular needs. With this type of partnership in place, we can effectively put our experience and technologies to work for you. With LAVSUN as your partner, you will definitely notice a dramatic increase in your company's efficacy, competitiveness and competence. Since we look for increased cooperation with partners in order to boost creativity, the end results are usually enhanced synergies and more opportunities in the growth areas, for instance, the intelligent networks.


LAVSUN capitalizes on comprehensive industry knowledge and expertise and believes in a partnership approach.

This allows us to offer high-quality services to our clients that are up-to-date with the current technology skill set and market trends. We are dedicated to building an organization that is not only valued by our clients but also our employees, investors, business partners and the community in general.

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